Communicating with Data

Workshop Organised by the Monash Business Analytics Team (WOMBAT)

Effective Data Visualisation with R

In this 3 hour tutorial, I will demonstrate some cognitive principles and apply methods supported by empirical studies that make data visualisation more effective. The construction of data visualisation will be accompanied with R code using the ggplot2 package. The R code and data used will be provided so participants can fully replicate the presented data visualisations.

Dr. Emi Tanaka is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at Monash University whose primary interest is to develop impactful statistical methods and tools that can readily be used by practitioners. Her research area includes data visualisation, mixed models and experimental designs, motivated primarily by problems in bioinformatics and agricultural sciences. She is currently the President of the Statistical Society of Australia Victorian Branch and the recipient of the Distinguished Presenter's Award from the Statistical Society of Australia for her delivery of a wide-range of R workshops.

Some knowledge in tidyverse would be beneficial. You can find an interactive introduction to data analysis with R at .